Take it from me, I've been to tree prison for ten thousand years.  It's the 4 months and 1 day after that really get you.
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I’m a criminal, you’ll soon see. A criminal of dentistry.


Okay, so that last bit made no sense.  SO WHAT.  If one of the 3 of you who reads this wants to correct me then I might just flip my lid.  I may in fact, and you know what license I have to do that with?  None whatsoever.  Which makes me the most dangerous mother you’re liable to meet today.  Let’s get frisky.

Anyway!  New comic, whoo hoo etc.  Or as autocorrect wants me to say, shoo hop.  So I’m not advocating criminal activity, but I am advocating peaceful spiritual revolution, so I hope the youngsters can tell the difference.



↓ Transcript
Narrator: And because this is (of course) a crime,
Tee Hee now had to do the time.

Judge: 10,000 years, 4 months, and 1 day!

Narrator: So the rebel Tee Hee ran away...

Tee Hee: Stop following me!

Music videoooo number twooooo.

So this is the second music video I have directed and edited, and it’s at least as good as my first one, if not worse!  So please check it out.  And then also check out the band’s website, which now has their album up for purchase, which is kick butt.  Please do so HERE!

Besides that, there are more comics coming, more videos coming, and maybe some more puppet action coming.  It’s an exciting time to be a trundler once, and maybe even twice if you’re lucky.  So get the juice, and move it along.  Bing bang whammy.  How’s that for a catch phrase?


X Marks the Spot (Official Music Video) – BY ME!

So I _have_ been doing things, albeit away from my tablet/puppets for a month whilst in Saskatoon Saskatchewan doing NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS related things.  But now I’m back, and I’ve been filming things!  Most notably this music video for the very lovely and talented Sunk’n City Gypsys.


Their new album will be available on Bandcamp later on this week, but for now, check out the video, and be amazed and then send us some money or don’t.


(Hiatus (temporary)) It’s been a time.

To start.  What is a ‘hiatus’?

Okay, it’s not a full on hiatus.  Don’t stress out.  I’ve just been a bit daunted by some aspects of being alive in the world.

When a person moves from a house into a different house, you have to pay money to many people for some reason.  Just to be alive in a different place than you are currently in.  I am doing that.

Financially, I’m living in the pits.  The ‘pits’ is a place where little boys and girls feel bad about themselves because their lives aren’t perfect.  It’s nice and cozy and invisible.  Some people stay there forever because it’s so nice.  I don’t think I’ll be doing that, but I feel oddly thrust upon it in a wild wild way.

We’re hanging on the skirts of summer and the lashing steely tips of the cold season bite at our heels with vehement ferocity.  It’s a time for little less than reflection and rumination.  How quickly these brainstorms turn to full on brain hurricanes and tornadoes.  Another reason to run for cover.

Maybe I’m rambling.  I can’t remember the last time someone defined ‘ramble’ though, so I tend to exposit until one does.  It keeps me warm when I know nothing else can in these particular downpours.

For all these reasons combined, I’m Once Trundling off into a temporary vow of silence.  Probably no more than a few days, but it’s a big deal for me.  Project Wonderful threatens to revoke my presence there due to low performance.  It is discouraging when a free service rebukes you for not meeting their standards.

I’ll come back with renewed vigour.  And that’s pretty neato indeed.  So maybe I’ll leave it up to that, instead of making bold promises and grand declarations.  I was always more fond of show-and-tell than politics anyway.

From the stats, I’m talking to a wall.  To myself, I’m building one.  This is a brick, and everything can be defined as destiny.  Your cup of coffee might as well be a witch’s brew.  As I talk, I know this too.  It’s been a while since I’ve written anything of value or sentiment or intention, so this is a body of text in the foundations of building foundations.  Most people don’t think about these things.  I am included in this.  Most people take the sum as the whole without looking at the parts and considering them heavily.  Well, how wackadoo is that.  I just want to know how much I like everyone.  I can’t dislike anyone.  I try sometimes, and it’s like swimming upstream.  It’s not right.  I’m a nice guy.  I dunno, is that a bad thing?  You’d be inclined to say no, but I wonder sometimes. I really really do.


Ridiculous. Just ridiculous. Or the best idea ever?

Unicorns and monkeys are super good friends like all the time.

And I decided to spread awareness of that fact by making this PRINT of it.  Which you can buy at my shop now!  In addition to this amazing news, you can also go to my facebook page, and if you find my Etsy shop that way, you get a most excellent 10% discount, just because I feel like it…?  This seems ridiculous, but I’m an artist, not a money guy, so go buy the things!
monkey unicorn
monkey unicorn
monkey unicorn
monkey unicorn

Unicorn caption contest!

I need your brains guys.  Just… not like in a weird way or anything.

Right now over on our Facebook page we got an ol’ fashioned caption contest going on.  I need either a caption or a speech bubble of something particularly or contextually hilarious to say regarding it.  In exchange, if I choose your wordsmithery, you get the print to download for FREE when it gets all done or whatever in a day or so.  You can be the envy of whoever likes cartoony mythological animal abuse.

And eventually, buy the t-shirt!

Caricature service is now live!

The digital caricature service you never knew you always wanted but were too afraid to think about knowing you wanted it.

Caricature service?  How does this work?  Well it’s easy in fact.  You think to yourself “I WANT!” and then you go here! All transactions go directly to me, I respond, do the thing, and then I send it to you on the ASAP.  Oh so easy, right?  But how good could it possibly look?  This good!

Digital Caricature Service 1 Digital Caricature Service 3 Digital Caricature Service 4 Digital Caricature Service 2 Digital Caricature Service 5

It’s fast, easy, comparably cheap to other services.  You get ORIGINAL ART BASED ON YOUR OWN FACE.  How can you go wrong?  You cannot friends.  You are safe at Once Trundlers.  Why would you ever go to another website?  I don’t know.  And truly, I don’t want to know.  I think I’ll just hang here guys, where the tan colour soothes my soul every day, like a shower of peace and harmony… harmoneace.

Anyhow, thanks so much for checking it out.  Talk to y’all soon.


Thoughts on the present

These are thoughts that make you go “Hmm…” or “Interesting…” or “That’s stupid.”

I’ve gathered some thoughts, which I would like to share here.  Things are winding down momentarily here;  Finishing the giant print I was working on, nearing completion on all the free caricatures I’ve been working on for the past two weeks before starting up the paid service, and next week’s comic.  So here are some thoughts about a month after the launch of oncetrundlers.com.

It’s been a giant raging success, and I’m so grateful for everyone who has checked it out so far.  I’m wildly excited about where it’s going to go story and art-wise, and how quickly it’s going to happen once I have the time to work on it 3-4 days a week.  It’s going to be proper mental.

I also have so many thoughts pouring out of my brain for art related services to offer that it’s giving me varying degrees of headaches.  I have more thoughts and ideas than I have time to make them real.  It’s absurd!

Also, on a personal note, thanks to all my friends and random folks who have helped me through a bizarre cancer-related time in my life.  Also!  On a totally unrelated news related note, there are dead pixels on my screen!  3 to be exact.  I can’t stand them.  They’re making me go insane.  Like, actually insane.  Literally.  Not really literally though.  But kind of.  The point is!  My initial thought is to get it fixed, which may happen a week from now.  If so, I may be unavailable for that amount of time, which terrifies me unendingly!  At any rate, this is for your information, because I’m sure you care.  I’m SO sure.

If you’ve purchased a print, if you’ve read any of the comics, if you got a caricature, if you subscribe, if you like the Facebook page, heck if you’re reading this right now;  Thank you.  You’re making an artist’s dream come true.



Site update!

I’m currently undergoing a transition between Comicpress and Comic Easel, which was more or less thrust upon me.  Therefore, please excuse how messed up the site looks from now until I get it all sorted out.  Everything should still work as normal!  Thanks folks.