Howdy, my name is Bryce Knudtson.  Thanks for coming to my website comic and hopefully liking it!  I’m from Saskatoon (Which is located in Canada, for people who grew up in a foreign country).  Currently I reside in Victoria BC.

I guess this is my website that I paid REAL MONEY for.  In order to bring art to you.  That’s pretty nice of me.  You’re welcome.  I came onto the idea of starting a webcomic when I realized my life was in a downward spiral of Cheezies, root beer, and online free-to-play games.  This road has never led to anything positive.  So now I spend my time doing little doodlies.

If you want to ask me anything, go right ahead here.  I won’t hold it against you.

Music videoooo number twooooo.

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So this is the second music video I have directed and edited, and it’s at least as good as my first one, if not worse!  So please check it out.  And then also... READ MORE

(Hiatus (temporary)) It’s been a time.

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To start.  What is a ‘hiatus’? Okay, it’s not a full on hiatus.  Don’t stress out.  I’ve just been a bit daunted by some aspects of being alive in the world. When a... READ MORE